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FAQ of graph solutions

What areas of graph theory are covered?
shortest paths, minimum spanning tree, chinese postman, Euler tours, traveling salesman, ...

In which fields is it used?
teaching as well as solving practical problems

How do I follow a calculation?
every important function provides a protocol mechanism with different levels of details in reports

How fast are calculations?
all important functions are translated with Mathematica`s builtin compiler and are therefore about as fast as any other higher programming language

What about "hard" problems?
functions with exponential calculation time for an exact solution also provide a heuristic method that allows a solution of large problems

Why not "Combinatorica"?
our Software allows weights for vertices and edges that are independent of vertex positions

Is it easy to learn to use the package?
yes, because function calls and data structures are easy to handle and clear

What kind of documentation is provided?
a user`s manual describes the package and its fields of application
a reference manual describes every function and gives examples for all ways to call a function

What happens, if I call a function incorrectly?
interface checks force a correct usage
in case of an invalid usage, an error message is printed and the call is aborted

Can I estimate the calculation time in advance?
the documentation contains for every function plots that show the dependence of the calculation time on the problem size

What about algorithms in literature or the Internet?
collecting algorithms is quite tedious, creates a heterogeneous and untested environment and often generates only fragmentary documentation, especially performance and accuracy of heuristics are not clear

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