Editorial/Data Protection
Order graph solutions

Processing of an Order

  • contact us to obtain an approval version, a password, the license agreement, or an order form
    EMail Sales
  • we send you
    • your customer-ID
    • your license-ID
    • a CD-ROM with the software, online help and online documentation
    • a license file for 28 days (requires $MachineID, see facing column)
    • the license agreement and an order form
  • you install and test the software
  • you send us an order with
    • your name and address
    • the choosen license model
    • the $MachineID for all computers on which the software is to be installed
    • the acceptance of the license agreement
  • we send you an invoice
  • on receipt of your payment we send you your final license file(s)
  • after 28 days without payment, we charge 20 Euro for the shipping and handling

Available Versions

  • 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2
Editorial/Data Protection • page checked on Nov. 28th 2005

Steps to Get a Password

  • start Mathematica
  • evaluate $MachineID in an input cell
  • send result dddd-ddddd-ddddd (d: digit) and version number of graph solutions d.d.d together with your license-ID or name to:

    EMail Sales

  • copy the license file sent to you in the "Licensing"-directory of the Mathematica-package


  • for a non-trial version you must purchase a license
  • for details, please see License Model
  • license files are always stored in the "Licensing"-directory of the Mathematica-package, the file with the most current file date is used
  • license files are simple text file that describe the scope of the license
  • license files must not be changed